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5 Quick Fixes to Help You to Delay Your Ejaculation

Learning to delay ejaculation is not something that happens overnight, sure you will read lot’s of stories on the internet that say things like “stop premature ejaculation in 2 hours.” This is just not true the only way to delay your ejaculation on a full time basis is to put yourself through a proper training course. This will take about 3 weeks but the result is that YOU will decide when to ejaculate, such is the control you will have. In the meantime here are 5 quick fixes.

1. Withdraw your penis a few seconds before the need to ejaculate then stop for a minute until the urge is gone, then continue.

2. Buy condoms that are one size to small for you, delay spray in rawalpindi when you it on it will be very tight around the base of your penis and help to delay ejaculation.

3. Anesthetic sprays or delay sprays are physical items that really do work but they totally numb the penis taking most if not all the pleasure away.

4. Squeeze the tip of the penis hard when you feel the urge, then carry on with intercourse then repeat before you ejaculate. Keep doing this and you will notice in time that you are lasting a lot longer between squeezes.

5. Do a search for kegel exercises, these are being used by more and more men and strengthen the PC muscle which controls ejaculation.

These 5 tips are great quick fixes but for a lasting cure, then a 3 week delay ejaculation training course is the answer.

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