At Home Work Out Success

If you’re like a lot of people these days trying to cut expenses, you may be considering cancelling your gym membership. But without the fancy equipment and readily available advice from the gym staff, you may think an effective at home work out program is beyond your reach.

To make it easier for you to succeed with your home work out routines, here are 6 tips to keep you on track.

    1. Have a Plan – What are your fitness goals? It’s important to know what you’re trying to accomplish and put it down on paper. Make sure your goals are “doable” for you. Keep them where you’ll see them often. The bathroom mirror is a good place.
    1. Make a Schedule – Writing down the days and times for your workout in advance will prevent the “I just couldn’t squeeze it in today” excuse. Start with just three days a week for 30 minutes. This is plenty of time, with the right workout, to get or keep your body in shape.
    1. Keep it Simple – Your at home work out routines don’t have to include every exercise under the sun or even any equipment. Body weight exercises are very effective at building muscle and burning fat. Pick 3-5 exercises and do them for 4 weeks. Challenge your body, though, by steadily increasing the intensity of each workout.
    1. Switch Things Up – The real key to success is periodically changing your workout. Doing the same routine over and over again leads to boredom and fitness plateaus. If you’re not making any progress and you hate what you’re doing, how long will you stick with it?
    1. Record Your Progress – Keep a log of your workouts. Write down what you did, for how long and your perceived level of exertion. Record your measurements periodically, too. Don’t get hung up on your weight, though. A better gauge of your progress is how your clothes fit and how you feel.
  1. Remember to Eat Right – You can exercise all you want, but if you ignore what you eat, you won’t make much progress. A good diet emphasizes high quality protein including meat, eggs, dairy, nuts and beans, lots of vegetables and some fruit. Make as much of it organic, free-range, and wild caught as you can afford. Avoid high-glycemic foods and foods that are processed or unnaturally low-fat.

Following these 6 steps will make it easier to achieve all of your fitness goals with your at home work out.

Sean Porter is a fitness and nutrition researcher who uncovers the latest breakthroughs in dietary and exercise science and translates them into information the average person can use. What he sees coming into the forefront of the fitness world now are high-intensity, short duration workouts that maximize fat burning and muscle building using body-weight only exercises – similar to the interval training that elite athletes do. visit:-

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