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Game Development for Mobiles

Stuck in a traffic jam or getting bored in the office, mobile phones can come to your rescue. Mobile games have been one of the best additions to our lives. Today mobile game development is a multibillion-dollar industry. Game developers crack their brains to bring you newer apps with improved experience and features. Since the days of the snake games, mobile apps have come a long way. With improved handset features and processing capabilities, they are giving PC games a run for their money.

Starting from small brick apps to advanced multiplayer games, you just get what you want. Offshore development centers around the world are the soul of this growing demand for the apps. They have pushed mobile development to newer heights extracting maximum from the different mobile platforms. If you want a custom game developed, you need to hire the services of these developers. You will also save a lot of money and your precious time when you outsource mobile development to such firms.

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The latest in the sphere of mobile development has been the development of 3D apps for mobile at par with computer games, Xbox and PlayStations. The convenience of carrying the device in your pocket is something unmatched though. Most developers see this as the technology of the future when it comes to game development although 3D games are at a nascent stage with very few handsets able to deliver true 3D experience.

Trends in Mobile Game Development

  • Java and iPhone games are two of the most popular gaming platforms in today’s world. Java is the traditional platform for mobile games but since the launch of iPhone, it has been locking horns with it.
  • Multiplayer apps like chess and poker have become very popular with the users. People usually like playing these games within in their network but the gaming platform allows people to compete with strangers.
  • Mobile games are not restricted to entertainment alone, as many promotional and advertising campaigns are made an integral part of mobile game programming in the recent years. You can play these games and shop for your favorite merchandise using the cell phone.
  • Another emerging trend in mobile development is the emergence of portals, which sell games. This has made sure that you will have access to thousands of games online. These games are priced cheap to reach the masses.

Small and medium businesses are seeing mobile games development as an ideal platform to expand their businesses. It is no longer restricted to a few big multinationals but has become common in the recent years. So what’s stopping you from getting your custom mobile game?

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