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How Well Does Your Current Job Fit You? The First Step is Knowing What You Need to Be Your Best

In these times of economic uncertainty, where more layoffs may be right around the corner, it may seem odd to ask how well your current job fits you. Some people would say, “Just make the best of it.” But actually, if your current job doesn’t fit you well, you increase your likelihood of getting laid off.

In order to keep a job in today’s market, you need to be able to demonstrate your value to the company. You need to be clear, and be able to communicate, just what you bring to the table. This is true whether you are searching for a job, or trying to hang on to the job you have.

The key to both is being clear about who you are and what you do well, and under what circumstances. While this may not completely protect you from lay-offs, it is certainly likely to make it easier to find a new job if you know what your skills are and what value you can offer a company.

The first step in learning how well your job fits you is to know what you need in a job or career. While “needs” have sometimes gotten a bad rap because they have been associated with being “needy,” a need really is “what you must have in order for you to be your very best.” Needs are not right or wrong, they just comprise what helps you to be your best.

Knowing your needs allows you to determine how well those needs are being met in your current situation. For example, if you are someone who needs recognition, is there a way for you to get that in your current job? If you need some autonomy, do you have that available to you in your current situation?

Knowing your needs can help you create a situation which allows you to benefit the company by being your absolute best. Small changes in how you do your job can lead to greater productivity or greater savings for your company. You may be able to have a conversation with your supervisor or a manager about making small changes. If everyone was working at their best, would that benefit the company?

If you are currently laid off, knowing what your needs are can better fit you to a new job. You can let a prospective employer know how to maximize your capabilities and skills. When you do that, it communicates with the employer that you know yourself well, and you have thought about what skills you bring to the work force.

Knowing yourself, and especially knowing what needs you bring to the work situation allows you to determine how you can best fit into what that company needs from you. Employers typically invest a great deal of money training its workers; knowing how a worker will best fit their company can ensure that their money is well spent. Not only do you want a job where you can demonstrate how you do your best, your company wants employees who will give their best as well.

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Knowing yourself not only allows you to communicate your skills and talents to management, it helps ensure a better fit between workers and their management, thus creating greater longevity. And don’t you want to hang on to a job that fits you well; one where you can do your best?

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