The Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

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The Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

It is almost a perverse law that the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ most often occurs at the most inopportune times. Associated with Microsoft applications it indicates a serious software or hardware problem and when the error message appears on the screen it is often the start of a period of considerable woe for the user.

It can happen in the middle of a sales presentation, or perhaps as an important deal or administrative event is being discussed with a customer on the telephone. Wimbledon Removals It has also hit any number of high-profile sporting events; during the opening ceremony of the China Olympics and the use of Hawkeye at Wimbledon Tennis Championships to name a couple. But, more importantly it often strikes the average domestic and business user just at the time when they least expect or need it.

The ‘blue screen of death’ occurs when Microsoft windows operating systems, such as XP and Vista crash and a blue screen displaying an error message is produced saying that ‘windows has closed down to prevent damage to the computer’. More modern versions of Microsoft windows operating systems tend not to crash in this fashion as often as 98 versions, but the fault can still occur and causes nothing but frustration for users.

The usual recommended way to overcome this problem is to restore the Windows system by rebooting the computer with the original disc that came at time of purchase. In the meantime users cannot use their computer and it causes a particular problem if it is a business resource and contains data about customers or information that they need.

Those who pay for 24 hour business IT support [] or receive it as part of their computer deals will be able to get help immediately, but that doesn’t remove the inconvenience of being unable to access emails and vital documents, which may cause a business to have its reputation damaged. A useful back-up would be a mobile device, such a BlackBerry on which Microsoft Windows and other applications can be run. Then should a computer fault such as the ‘blue screen of death’ occur, the user can seamlessly move to their BlackBerry and their customers or clients would be none the wiser. In the meantime they could seek help to get their computer or laptop restored to a working condition.


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