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The Importance of Barcoding IT Support

Barcoding is important for many businesses. In fact, warehouses, distribution centers, logistics companies, and manufacturers cannot function without effective barcoding. This is because barcoding helps businesses with management functions, such as asset and/or inventory tracking. Although barcoding is designed to provide a visual inventory and to ensure that physical inventory is accurate, sometimes barcoding IT support is needed.

Barcoding IT support is important when considering factors such as discrepancies between recorded inventory and physical inventory. Visit : This is because it is possible that the barcode scanner has malfunctioned, suggesting that scanned items are within the physical inventory, yet were previously sold.

Barcoding IT support is important when considering factors such as barcode scanner errors. Thus, although high quality, there are times when barcode scanners do not work effectively or at all. As a result, even though it appears that an item is scanned, it was never scanned. This can create problems for the supplier and for the receiver.

Barcoding IT support is important for the smooth operations of the business. This is because the business that utilizes barcoding technology often bases a great deal of its transactions on the barcode scanner. For instance, the barcode scanner can prove that an item was shipped, paid for, delivered, picked up, and more. This allows the business to maintain accurate records regarding its inventory.

With internal IT resources in short supply, external IT support for barcoding technology is more important than ever. In one logistics company with 5 warehouses and 13 million cubic feet of warehouse space, there is only one internal IT support staff to support all company systems, much less the barcoding devices. Furthermore the specialized skills for supporting and servicing barcoding technology are beyond the reach of most companies. A reliance on external IT support from specialists with experience and training in supporting this technology is quickly becoming a best practice.

External IT support is becoming a best practice because the cost of downtime for barcode scanners, barcode printers, rugged mobile computers, and wireless networks impacts labor productivity and costs, but also leads to reduced sales orders and revenue, slower cash flow, compliance and reporting penalties with trading partners, loss of discounts from late orders, impact on the operations of strategic partners and customers, and damage to reputation and goodwill.

Therefore, in order to ensure that your barcoding scanners are kept working property, find the most qualified, experienced, trained, knowledgeable, and certified partner to provide support and help keep your operations running smoothly.

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