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The Important Role of Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is not the same as business planning although sometimes they are mistakenly known to be the same. Strategic planning can be a very useful tool in different fields but most of the time it works best in the business field. From the name itself, strategic planning is a process of setting up a particular strategy that a company will use as a guide. It is even considered to be an important business practice that contributes to the success of a certain company. When you have a strategic plan, you are basically determining the appropriate steps that should be taken in order to reach the company’s goal while utilizing and maximizing the available resources at the same time. Business planning, on the other hand, focuses more on the company’s outputs.

With this, strategic planning can be very beneficial in almost all companies. It actually leads a company into a certain direction towards the desired goal. Creating a mission statement is even a part of strategic planning which will then aim to provide a clear picture for the management and other employees on what the company wants to achieve in a given time frame. And when a company has a very strong and firm mission is known to be very attractive to both customers and investors.

One great example of using a strategic plan is when a new venture is going to be released or launched out in the market. In this particular situation, normally the company will not take the risk of launching it without planning because there is a big possibility that it will most likely end up as a failure. A plan that involves the target market, the customers, the production cost and other important things to be considered should be formulated. This will serve as a useful guide for the company while they are trying to make a positive mark in the business world.

In some cases, it is even considered to be a good solution for several business problems regardless if it is big or small business. However, it should be based on how fast a particular industry moves. For industries that are fast-paced, a long-term plan will probably not work. Long-term plans that last for several years are only recommended for those industries with very slow movements.


A strategic plan does not have an absolute format. In fact, you will be able to find a very wide range of choices when it comes to strategic plan models and formats. What is more important is to find a certain format or model of a plan which you think will work best for the company. However, although strategic planning plays an important role in a business, you have to remember that it is not the only thing that should be given utmost importance. All factors and aspects must be given the appropriate consideration in order to achieve the set goal in a certain period of time.

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