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The Many Forms of Roof Tiles

Tile roofs have been around for hundreds of years and the result has been a wide variety of styles and materials. The reasons for this variety are several, but among them is look, availability, and weather protection. The tiles that comprise tile roofs could be any combination of material and shape, but what are these varieties?

Traditionally, tiles were made from materials that were most available, and this meant clay or slate. Site: Both of these are very easy to work with and widely available, especially in the areas where tile roofing was gaining steam. Today, we can use less traditional materials like concrete and plastic. These are usually factory made and can handle all sorts of weather handily. Of course, the old materials are still used in some fashion, usually with a waterproof coating.

As varied as the materials can be, the shape of tiles come in even more varieties. The shape of each individual tile can create a unique pattern of the overall roof, and can even affect function. Flat tiles were probably the first tiles used. A combination of curved and flat tiles can be used to create channels for rain to pass through. Roman tiles and Pantiles are both roughly S-shaped so that multiple tiles can interlock and make for easy installment. Barrel tiles are so named because they resemble half the curve of a barrel, and they are very common today.

You can mix and match materials and shape until you find the roof that is perfect for you. Tile roofs are not only practical, but they create a style that is timeless.

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