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Tyres & tube manufacturing company in india, Motorcycle Tyre Suppliers‎

A usual motorcycle rider does not much care about the tyre creation process which ensures that the rider gets maximum safety and performance. Knowing about the process of creation of the tyre will help a rider choose the tyres they use in a better manner. Most of the motorcycle tyre suppliers have a detailed process chart for the tyres that they offer which should be checked by the individual before they decide on the tyre for their motorcycle use.


We are one of the best tyres & tube manufacturing company in India and our process to manufacture motorcycle tyres starts at the engineering lab where designers are constantly in the process of developing new compounds by mixing up new materials in various quantities to find the best tyre compound. They also research novel tread patterns and test them out on a daily basis to give you that one small bit of iota more of traction, stability and grip on the various road surfaces that one might encounter in real life.


Tyre production has five stages, namely raw material collection, extrusion, assembly, curing and quality control. All of these stages are tracked constantly by our technicians with the latest technologies to make sure that there are no mistakes and only the best tyres reach the market.


After the engineering department gives their go-ahead on a type of tyre, the usable raw materials are collected in the exact percentages and mixed into a gooey liquid form before turning into sheets on a conveyor that are cut into smaller easier to manage pieces. The first check happens at this stage and any smaller or badly formed chunks are removed. Similarly, fabric cutting and knitting units that blend nylon, polyester, or other materials sometimes even kevlar are prepared, checked and made ready for further processing. Various mixtures of industry secret chemicals are added to these tyre piles to enhance tyre performance like sulfur, carbon black, silica and many more.


This mixture is then cooked in giant vats under a lot of pressure and heat and extruded into long strips by pushing through a special machine. The extrusions vary as per the use of the component into carcass or sidewalls. Steel cords of varying dimensions and densities are added to the carcass to make up the beads of the tyres.


The assembly then cuts off the carcass into the desired lengths and place them into large drums that give the tyre the basic shape. The exterior tread layer created separately is now cut and added to the tyre at this stage. Many tyres & tubes manufacturing company in India use a moderate level of human interaction at this stage but our process is fully controlled and automated. The addition of the exterior layer to the tyre gives a complete tyre which is called the ‘green tyres’.


This green tyre is then moved to the curing chambers where they are subjected to varying amounts of heat and pressure over selected periods of time with the moulds that imprint the tread pattern on them. The final quality check which is both automated as well as done by our professionals ensures that each tyre lives up to its standards.


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